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Nerium Yellow - Flowering Shrubs


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Nerium Botanically known as Nerium oleander from Apocynaceae family. Common name are nerium,  oleander, Kaner, Ganneru, Karavira etc. It is a evergreen perennial flowering shrub to medium size tree, blooms year around and it is one of the ancient  flowering plant mostly used in every Indian Home. The flowers grow in clusters at the end of each branch; they are yellow 2.5–5 cm in diameter, with a deeply 5-lobed fringed corolla round the central corolla tube.

Nerium grows to 2–6 m tall. It is most commonly grown in its natural shrub form, but can be trained into a small tree with a single trunk. It is tolerant to both drought and inundation, but not to prolonged frost. White, pink or red five-lobed flowers grow in clusters year-round, peaking during the summer. The fruit is a long narrow pair of follicles, which splits open at maturity to release numerous downy seeds.


What does make this Special?? 

  • This is the one flower that even school children recognize. The most familiar and the most common Nerium variety.
  • The flowers are borne in abundance. The branches droop because of the weight of the branches.
  • This variety has single flowers that are yellow light fragrant. The shrubs initially grow tall but eventually develop a very showy round shape.
  • Also handle vehicle pollution on road medians. 
  • It is one of the very easy to grow and care either in pot or directly in the soil.
  • One of the Best Plant for puja or prayer flower, good for screening, also excellent for hedges, border.
  • Excellent flower in garden to attract Butterfly, Birds.
  • Best Year round Flowering to Home Garden.

MAXIMUM HEIGHT - It can reach up to 2-6 meters in height.

BLOOMING YEAR - Year-around  attractive flowering.

GROWING TIPS - It can grow almost in all type of soil and it can easily grown in any Indian Climatic condition.

  •  It is best to grow Nerium plant in full sunlight conditions.
  •  Plants can be grown in medium size pot but ground planting is best.
  •  Nerium are long lived plants, a lot of their growth and performance depends on the soil used, Good well drained soil with lots of organic manure is recommended.
  • Regular pruning is required to make plant bushy and dwarf.
  • After 1 month you can transplant it into your permanent location in full bright light condition.


1. Nerium Yellow Single Plant 1-3 Feet Height
2. Growing Pot (Black color) 6 Inch

*above specifications are for indicative purpose only, actual dimensions may slightly vary.


LIGHT CONDITION - It requires minimum more than 6 hours of Direct Sunlight. If planted in full shade the blooming frequency will reduced. 

WATERING SCHEDULE - Water when the top soil(2-3 inch) feels dry to touch. Always maintain moisture near the root zone. Try to apply water in the morning or evening. 

SOIL TYPE - The soil should be well drained, fertile & rich in organic content.

TEMPERATURE - The average temperature should be 25-35 Degree Celsius.

FERTILIZER APPLICATION - Apply any organic fertilizer once in a month. Do not forget to water your plant immediately after application of fertilizer.

PLANT PROTECTION - Do light pruning of the plant in order to maintain good required shape. Remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and discard them away from the plants. Generally it is more affected by mealy bug, in case of that, you can use Neem oil spray for primary treatment.



  1. Remove the Packaging Materials carefully.
  2. Press the soil in the pot & add additional soil(garden mix) if necessary.
  3. Maintain moisture in the pot, Do not over water it may kill your plant, so make sure that the soil should be dry between watering.
  4. Make sure that plants get enough morning direct bright light(2-3hrs) for 10-15 days & do not go for immediate transplanting (minimum 1 month)
  5. After 1 month you can transplant it into slightly bigger pot than the present pot or directly in the soil.
  6. Just prune if any branch of the plant is get damaged in transits. New leaves will come definitely.