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Ficus Elastica Red Variegata - Indoor/Outdoor-Ornamental Plants


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Ficus elastica Botanically known as Ficus elastica or Ficus elastica zulu shield from Moraceae family. Common name are Indian Rubber Bush, Ficus decora, India Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant, Rubber plant black prince, Ficus elastica zulu shield, the rubber fig etc. It is an evergreen perennial attractive shining foliage plant, popular as indoor house plant and also outdoor tree. 

It is a large tree in the Banyan group of figs, growing to 30–40 metres tall, with a stout trunk up to 2 metres in diameter. The trunk develops aerial and buttressing roots to anchor it in the soil and help support heavy branches. It has broad shiny oval leaves 10–35 centimetres long and 5–15 centimetres broad, leaf size is largest on young plant much smaller on old trees. The leaves develop inside a sheath at the apical meristem which grows larger as the new leaf develops. When it is mature, it unfurls and the sheath drops off the plant. Inside the new leaf, another immature leaf is waiting to develop.

What does make it Special?? 

  • One of the easy to grow and take care plant.
  • Indoor Air Purifying Plants.
  • Best plant for AC rooms, office desk, Bedroom etc.
  • Popular low maintenance, good luck plant.
  • Best for both indoor and outdoor.
  • This variety has big shining leaves with variegated colour which makes it perfect pot plant and unique from other rubber plants.

MAXIMUM HEIGHT - It can reach more than 20 meter height, but it remains dwarf in indoor by regular pruning.

BLOOMING YEAR - Flowers are inconspicuous, but they are popular for their attractive shining leaves.


  • Rubber Plants are some of the easiest plants to grow. The care that they require is no care at all.
  • Plants will perform well in well drained organic rich soils. Grow well in pots as well as the ground.
  • Plants can tolerate water very well. In fact plants growing in plain water survive and thrive for years.
  • Plants like to grow in bright light but also perform good in direct sunlight also.
  • Clean the leaves with wet cloth once in a week. Remove any damaged/diseased plant part & discard it away from planting area.
  • Cut the tip portion of the plant in order to make it more bushy or to encourage side branches.


     Shaded Balcony, Office Plant, Bedroom Plant, Air Purifying Plant, Attractive Foliage Plant, good luck plant, Eye Catching Plant.


1. Ficus elastic red variegata Plant 0.5-1 Feet Height
2. Growing Pot (Black color) 6 Inch

*above specifications are for indicative purpose only, actual dimensions may slightly vary.


LIGHT CONDITION Can grow in Indirect Bright light or Semi shade or Indoor or full sunlight also. 

WATERING SCHEDULE - Water when the top soil(2-3 inch) feels dry to touch. Moderate Watering(in every 3-4days)

SOIL TYPE - The soil should be well drained, fertile and rich in organic content.

TEMPERATURE - The average temperature should be 18-30 Degree Celsius if indoor.

FERTILIZER APPLICATION - Apply any organic fertilizer once in a month. Do not forget to water your plant immediately after application of fertilizer.

PLANT PROTECTION Remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and discard them away from the plants. Generally it is not affected by any pest or disease, in case of any infections, you can use Neem oil spray for primary treatment.


  1. Remove the Packaging Materials carefully.
  2. Press the soil in the pot & add additional soil(garden mix) if necessary.
  3. Maintain moisture in the pot, Do not over water it may kill your plant, so make sure that the soil should be dry between watering.
  4. Make sure that plants get enough morning direct bright light(2-3hrs) for 10-15 days & do not go for immediate transplanting (minimum 1 month)
  5. You can remain the plant in the same pot for 6-7 month, later you can transplant it in slightly bigger pot than the present.
  6. Just prune if any branch of the plant is get damaged in transits. New leaves will come definitely.